Friday, September 20, 2013

Reading by the Light of the Harvest Moon

Okay, that's a lie, but just a little one.

I've been a night owl since childhood and have always seen the moon as a comforting companion. It's there when the clouds clear after scary night time storms, letting me breath a sigh of relief. It lights the dark corners of my world that, without it, would be black as pitch, and would certainly otherwise allow the bad things that lurk in the dark do what they want with impunity. It's the talisman we all share. It's our planet's companion, and as the caretakers of this fabulous orb (bad as we are at doing our job), it's ours as well.

When looking online for the date for this year's harvest moon, I read through a site's post about it too quickly, moving on after reading "Sept 19th...". Sept 19th started just after midnight of Wed the 18th, and it was at this time that the moon was at its brightest, becoming its fullest around 7am. Missed it...again. When I looked out a window sometime after 2:30 this morning, I saw a beautiful moonlight on the back patio that was pretty close to what you get with a harvest moon, so I ran to get my camera. Got it set up but noticed that the moon was disappearing quickly behind some trees. In my haste to get at least one shot in, I managed to crop the corner of a window in the top of the frame (yes, that bugs me), made a failed attempt at hiding my husband's IR camera lights with a wet plate apron (his current tech obsession is home security), and forgot to take my glasses off my head and put them on my face, suggesting I could actually read in the moonlight.

Close, but I still missed it. There's always next year.